Roland TD 50KVX V Drum Set

Roland TD 50KVX V Drum Set, Electric Flagship of the V drum [email protected] *Roland TD 50 Module*@ @ , 100 kits, Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, Playback of WAV samples from a SD card, USB 10 channel audio output for comfortable multi track recordings with just a cable, 14 x 6.3 mm


7889€ Détails / Commande QD QD; Eurorack module; Quad Drum Voice; 3 different synthesis modes per voice available: drum modelling, wavetable VCO and sample player; manual controls for Pitch, Decay one specific parameter voice; supports up to 1024 samples or wavetables via microSD card; build in stereo mixer with panorama


359€ Détails / Commande

Make Noise Morphagene

Make Noise Morphagene, Eurorack Module, Sample and microsound module for recording, manipulating reproducing sounds, Up to 87 seconds sample time can be divided into up to 99 single samples, Storage medium: SD card storing multiple All manipulation parameters are voltage controlled,


569€ Détails / Commande

Hercules Universal DJ

Hercules Universal DJ, Contrôleur Fonction Cue, synchro, boucles, Sample et scratch, Avec faders, molettes et écran LCD, 1 entrée auxiliaire stéréo (RCA), Sortie: 1x casque (jack 6,3 mm), 1x Master Port USB, Interface Bluetooth, Livré avec logiciel Djuced


144€ Détails / Commande


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